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Building Your Thriving Relationship: A New Group Process Experience in Lancaster, PA

Shadena Natty

Lancaster, Pennsylvania Apr 9, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The pandemic has affected people throughout the country in many ways. The fundamental changes of lifestyle, work, relationships, and other elements of life mean people have to change much of what they have done in the past to adjust and thrive. Where have the largest strains occurred? In relationships. After all, we’ve had to spend more hours than ever overlapping in our daily rituals during this COVID time. In response, therapists, Shadena Natty & Marquas Fountain, at the Sun Point Wellness Center have created a special group program, designed to focus specifically on creating a thriving relationship in this “new normal” in our world.


The program, Building Your Thriving Relationship, is designed specifically for group members to identify changes and growth they hope to see in their relationship. Participants will learn a variety of ways to create and maintain healthy relationships with others in a group setting. Additionally, they will learn how to handle difficult challenges with healthy behaviors, communication, and other techniques.


Shadena Natty, BA, MS, CAADC, MA-Candidate & LPC-Candidate, and Marquas Fountain, MA, NCC, LPC will facilitate the inspiring self-help group in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Their person-centered approach helps each individual create more happiness and fulfillment by learning with, and from others, in a safe community setting.


“We’re excited to launch this new group experience to allow the Lancaster community to improve their relationship, especially during this time of living through a pandemic,” said Shadena Natty. Marquas Fountain added, “These are exercises that we’ve integrated into our relationships and we want to empower others to use them to enjoy living in their best relationship.”


The six-week program meets weekly online via Zoom. Participants are limited to no more than eight. This way, the therapists can more clearly focus on individuals within the group dynamic for the most effective communication and solutions.


The exhilarating program will be offered to clients at Sun Point Wellness Center, an evidence-based top therapy agency in Lancaster, PA offering support and counseling to families, individuals, and couples. Additionally, clients at other agencies are welcome to join the group and are welcome to schedule a free phone consultation. Email: getstarted@sunpointwellness.com for more information.


Weekly topics include:

Week 1 – Icebreaker & Group Guidelines

Week 2 – Family History & Timeline of Romantic Partnership(s)

Week 3 – Examining Interdependence

Week 4 – Boundary/limit setting

Week 5 – Positive affirmations to Increase Self Love

Week 6 – Group Activity for Closure and Reflection


For additional information, including a free consultation call about how to sign up for the six-week program, visit www.sunpointwellness.com/relationship-group.



Marquas Fountain

Media Contact

Sun Point Wellness Center




Source :Sun Point Wellness Center

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