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Mike Macujo’s Method Proven To Work to Pass a Hair Drugs Test

Drugs are more common than some people think and if you’re a person who likes to relax and let your hair down at the weekend, you need to consider the consequences when you return to the working world on Monday.

Many employers now carry out random hair follicle drug tests in order to determine whether their employees are fit to work. This is most common in industries that require medication administration, firearms training, or the operation of heavy machinery. Understandably, an employer, or potential employer, will need to guarantee that you’re safe to carry out your role without harming yourself or others around you.

Drug tests are also now commonplace in court hearings as part of the sign off for some cases to determine if a defendant is capable to stand trial or conduct instructions ordered by a judge after the hearing. In these circumstances, passing a hair follicle drug test may be the determining factor in a child custody hearing, so it’s essential that you pass.

For those looking to turn their life around, secure their dream job and move forward, passing a hair follicle drugs test can be a massive worry and a barrier to success.

Enter Macujo! The company, based in Queens, New York has over 10 years of experience and testing under their belts to present the public with the best method and guidance on how to pass a hair follicle drug test the first time.

Mike Macujo, owner and founder of the Macujo Method talks about his successes:

Mike has been perfecting his product and method and now he can provide a 99.9% pass rate with what he calls the Mike Macujo method, which is quickly growing in popularity by people desperate to pass their upcoming tests. We’re proud that we’ve been able to make such a great product which is almost guaranteed to work, no matter which drug you use, but also keeps your hair feeling fresh, nourished and healthy.”

Mike’s Macujo Method uses a combination of powerful Aloe Rid shampoo, Clean and Clear Astringent and a multitude of other products to instantly remove toxins from your hair. Previously, people would be forced to use aggressive techniques in a panic to pass a hair drugs test. They may even shave their hair or use copious amounts of bleach, damaging their hair irreparably.

However, the Maucjo Method offers the best hair detox shampoo for a drug test with the ability to actually keep your hair feeling healthy and smooth.

Mike went on to say, “While other shampoos on the market boast their efficiency, my shampoo actually eliminates traces of drug use without damaging the hair at all, which is incredibly rare, looking at other products on the market.”

Hair follicle drug tests are incredibly accurate, being able to detect signs of drug use from as long as 90 days ago. This is more accurate than any other drug test used previously, where blood, urine and saliva samples tend to only be able to detect toxins for a few weeks after use. can test for all kinds of drugs including Amphetamine (AMP), Ecstasy (MDMA), Methamphetamine (METH), Marijuana (THC) and Heroine (6-MAM).

The good news is that the Macujo Method can remove traces of all of these drugs, even in long hair, but the guidance doesn’t just stop there.

Mike states: “We aren’t just looking to put a product out on the market to make a ton of money. We’re here to support people with their change in lifestyle and ensure they get the jobs that they desire. As well as our Aloe Rid shampoo method, we also offer private, out of hours consultations to people regarding their previous drug use to determine a tailored program for them in the run up to their test. We’re always open to questions and to offer advice where people need it to alleviate their concerns.”

The shampoo package is amazing value for money too, with a single bottle containing up to 15 washes – enough to use throughout the week prior to your test to almost guarantee a pass. Say goodbye to expensive treatments and bleaching and say hello to healthy, toxin free hair that feels and looks completely natural.

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