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The Rural Business Awards 2021 - Recognising Success And Achievement

The UK Rural Business Awards winners for 2021 were announced on the 25 February 2021. Competition was tough this year especially considering the restrictions and issues that we have encountered as a result of Covid 19 and the associated lockdown restrictions.
There were multiple categories as always and some impressive winners this year. The results of the winners have now been published on the award website which can be found here: https://www.ruralbusinessawards.co.uk/hall-of-fame/2020-21-awards/2020-21-national-winners/
The success of the Rural Business Awards is an excellent endorsement of everything that all who reside and work along the Countryside must be aware of. Indeed, Rural Business is the real beating heart of Britain; from family farms, agricultural multi-nationals and smallholder initiatives which have gone from strength to strength, to global brand names synonymous with excellence, the Countryside is alive and thriving. For many, the Countryside encompasses some of the most beautiful and challenging inland spaces in Europe. It is here where you can find award-winning wineries, beautiful beaches, dramatic landscapes and glorious events such as the annual Reiver’s Cup or the Crufts Bike Race – two of the most popular European road cycle races of the calendar year. The Countryside has been a magnet for many of the best in food and drink for many years, and is where the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Guy Fawkes once roamed.

The Government is today celebrating its 20th anniversary of the award winning Rural Business Awards, which are renowned as a truly innovative and recognisable way to recognise and reward the vital work which rural businesses do in promoting the UK economy. The awards have long been a source of much success for the Countryside and have always been able to provide an incentive for those businesses to strive even further. The innovation and enthusiasm, which have won awards in the past means that they will always be in demand from other businesses keen to promote themselves. However, the competition for these awards is immense, with each year featuring new and exciting categories. As such, it is vital that those running a business operating in the Countryside take the time to thoroughly research the options that are available to them, as they stand to gain great rewards and titles for their work.

Of the many categories which can be found within the Awards, two stand out and have consistently been popular throughout the Award’s history. The first is an outstanding environmental impact award, which is presented to those running restaurants and catering services which have a genuinely environmental conscience. As well as this award is open to all businesses, it also recognises those co-operating with local councils and other relevant bodies. This could be anything from planting a tree to having lights fitted on the outside of your establishment.

The second category, which has been growing in popularity over the last few years is the Accessible Holiday Club. These rural business awards recognise those catering and other services which have a genuinely accessible and friendly manner about them, and who provide a genuinely easy to use and enjoyable experience for customers. Often the award winners are rewarded with being able to join the club, or even win awards in their own right. The awards are very popular with families and groups of friends who want to treat themselves to some quality and relaxation at a stunning location.

One of the most common types of awardees at The Rural Business Awards is the national final. The national final of the awards is an all-round top accolade, often presented by the highest ranked non-profit organisation in the country. As well as this, the national final includes a short film, a documentary and many other components to ensure that your event is unique and memorable. As well as this, the national final is judged by an independent panel of people who have specific expertise in catering and events, so your event truly is one of a kind.

Of course, there are many more categories and prizes available at these events than just the main winner. The Rural Business Awards also recognise excellent performance by small and medium-sized businesses, and will award small undertakings with additional achievements and accolades. The awards recognise the hard work and dedication of businesses, and the innovative ways in which they have helped create a better environment and a better local economy. These awards recognise the role that small, local businesses play in helping to support the rural economy. In order to qualify for the awards, small and medium-sized businesses must demonstrate a clear commitment to improving the local economy and developing a strong rural base.

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